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With the high risk of brain injuries in football, many young athletes and their parents are looking for safer athletic alternatives. Unfortunately, many of them are choosing soccer. Soccer is a great sport with a long history, but it also carries a similarly high-risk for concussions and long-term brain injury that often gets overlooked. In many reports, soccer comes second only to football for the highest number of brain injuries experienced every season.

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Football, Soccer Lead to the Most Brain Injuries in Kids The authors analyzed emergency department visits by children for sports- and recreation-related head injuries. By Katelyn Newman

A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Sports-related Head Injury

Protection against head injuries in soccer is complicated since heading is an established part of the game, and any attempt to protect against head injuries must allow the game to be played without modification.

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Suppose someone says they will not watch or play (American) football because there is too much risk to get concussions and CTE (head trauma). Yet, Soccer vs Football: head injuries/ CTE (players) - - City-Data Forum

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Still, the prevalence of head injuries, for me at least, outweighs football’s appeal. For other former fans, corporate greed, domestic violence, and other issues have led them away from the sport.

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Ice hockey had the second highest concussion rate with 1.20 concussions per 1, 000 AE. American football came in third (0.53 concussions/1000 AE).[2] See the full list below: Rugby (4.18/1,000 AE) Ice hockey (1.20/1,000 AE) American football (0.53/1,000 AE) Lacrosse (0.24/1,000 AE) Football (or soccer) (0.23/1,000 AE) Wrestling (0.17/1,000 AE)

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Results 356 head injuries were recorded (IR 2.22, 95% CI 2.00 to 2.46 per 1000 match hours). Contact with another player caused most head injuries, more specifically because of head-head (34%) or elbow-head (17%) contacts. After the rule change, head injuries were reduced by 29% (IRR 0.71, 95% CI 0.57 to 0.86, p=0.002).

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The risk of injury to the upper extremities is much higher in football than in soccer -- with the exception of the goalkeeper, soccer players do not use their hands and arms to handle the ball. However, concussion injuries are equally likely in soccer and football players.