How to open an Exness account For Forex Trading

How to open an Exness account For Forex Trading

How to open an Exness account For Forex Trading
To open an account, click here or the registration button below:

1.Then select: Open account

Then you select Country/Region of Residence as Vietnam then fill in your email and password
In Partner code (optional) section , enter: 3fxsdqz2ac
Check the box  declaring you are not a citizen or resident of the United States, if applicable.

2. Sign up for Exness

Click  Continue  after you have provided all required information.
Then go to your Mail, follow the instructions to activate your account: Click on the link in the email that Exness sent you.
Then you conduct KYC for future deposits and withdrawals as well as problems that may arise, so that Exness can verify and support you more conveniently.

Instructions for KYC account Exness

KYC documents include:
1. 2-sided ID card or citizen ID card is fine
2. Address verification documents: driver’s license, utility bill or bank statement are fine.
Note that the name and address information must match
You log in and select ” Become a real trader ” or if there is a notification that KYC identity verification has been completed, just click to proceed with KYC.
Click “Become a real trader ”

Exness KYC Instructions

In this step, you enter the phone number you want to receive the code (skip the first 0) and press  Send me code
Verify Exness phone number
Once you have received the 6-digit code, fill it in and press  Continue
Verify Exness personal information
Here you will fill in the fields according to the information on the documents you have (to make it easier to send documents for confirmation later). After pressing  Next,  you will see yourself transferred to the interface below.
Verify Exness profile
Click the  Complete Verification button  to go to the step of verifying information and sending documents. The steps below are just a survey of the floor so you can choose any or choose according to the suggestions in your picture.
Declare Exness information
  • Number of years of Forex trading experience
  • Personal income level for  Forex investment
  • Forex investment income sources
  • After selecting everything, press  Next  to go to the next step.
  • Exness identity verification
  • You choose one of the documents you have to submit for identity verification (Verify account). After selecting, depending on the documents, a place will appear for you to upload the documents (Upload documents).
  • Upload Exness verification documents
  • Note when submitting documents:
  • Clear, easy to read
  • See 4 corners clearly
  • Send front and back (if required)
  • After downloading is complete, press Submit documents  and leave it there for a while to check (it may say wait 1-3 minutes but just leave it there).
  • After you send your kyc image, the process of waiting for Exness to verify is very quick, about 5 minutes, now you can safely deposit money and trade.
  • How to create a new trading account in your Personal Area
  • Follow these instructions to create a new trading account in your Personal Area:
  • If you are a newbie, you should choose a Standard account because this type is usually stable in spread, suitable for new players. Scalping and Swing are both reasonable to play.
  • When you have experience in playing that suits your own method, you can choose more professional Exness account types, like Zero or Pro.


Select “Open New Account”
Select the Exness account you want to open, then press the Open Real account button (Real account). Here I guide you to register for a Standard Plus account. Here you click on the button “Open a real account”
Here, you will complete the information for the frames
In frame 1, choose Real account type (Real) then select MT4/MT5.
In frame 2, you choose the appropriate leverage, choosing 100 – 400 is appropriate.
Frames 3 and 4 are left as default
Box 5 fills in the transaction password. When the 3 green dots below appear, the password is valid. This is the password used for transactions. The password sent to your email is a password that can only be viewed and cannot be manipulated (Passview).
account information
With a newly created MT4 Exness account, you can change information such as deposit and withdrawal, transfer money, change leverage, display name, trading password… by clicking on the gear icon next to the account. .

Exness account information

To log into your trading account you need the following parameters:
ID: Is the series of numbers in the MT4 Login line
Sever: Is information in the Server line
Transaction password: Previously created transaction password
  To view this information, click on “Account information” in the gear section.
Then you download MT4 to your computer from the exness Homepage or go to Appstore/CHplay to download MT4 to your phone.

Deposit – Withdraw money at Exness

  • Exness allows depositing and withdrawing money 24/7 with very fast speed, including Saturday and Sunday. Money is in your account in just 3 – 5 minutes. This is the biggest advantage of Exness compared to current exchanges on the market
  • Deposit and withdrawal channels are very diverse: Crypto (Usdt, Usdc), Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Ngan Luong and Internet Banking.
  • You should deposit and withdraw via Crypto, Internet Banking, Ngan Luong which is the fastest and more suitable for Vietnamese people. You should not deposit and withdraw via Visa because it can take up to 1 week.
  • Note :
  • Exness stipulates that when you deposit money using any payment gateway, you will have to withdraw money using that payment gateway.
  • This has the effect of preventing the form of “Money Trafficking” based on exchange rate differences between payment channels. Preventing money laundering, you should pay attention to this.
  • Once you have an MT4 account ready to trade on Exness, your next step is to deposit money. If you look at the image below, you will see the Deposit and Withdraw options
  • Deposit money using Online Banking method
  • Go to Deposits in your Personal Area and select Online Banking.
  • Select the trading account you want to deposit into, the currency and the amount you want to deposit and click Next.
  • A summary of the transaction will be sent to you; Please check the details and click Confirm payment

Withdraw money using Online Banking method

  • Select your Online Banking method   in the  Withdrawals section  of your Personal Area.
  • Select the trading account you want to withdraw from, the currency and the withdrawal amount. Click  Next .
  • Summary information about the transaction is displayed. Enter the verification code sent to you via email or SMS depending on the security type in your Personal Area. Click  Confirm Withdrawal .
  • Select your bank in the list of banks given, enter the account number, account name and click  Confirm .
  • You will now be redirected to the transaction confirmation page to complete the withdrawal.
  • For detailed information about deposits and withdrawals, you can refer to here:  Everything you need to know about payments – Exness Help Center
  • Customer care at Exness
  • You can contact support 24/7 in Vietnamese in the “direct transfer” section in the lower right corner. This is also another great advantage of Exness.
If you do not have an Exness account, to register, click here or the registration button below:

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[…] Some necessary criteria when choosing an exchange How to deposit and withdraw There are several types of accounts Floor operating time Transaction fees (spread: difference in buying and selling prices) high or low? Is the trading software stable or not? Is the support team continuous and enthusiastic? Does the website support Vietnamese or not, does the support team support Vietnamese or not? The most important criterion for choosing a broker is depositing and withdrawing money. If you are good at trading and have a lot of profit but if you withdraw money or make this or that error, it doesn’t mean anything. Why is Exness an exchange trusted by many traders? Operating hours of Exness floor Quick deposits and withdrawals – Instant deposits and withdrawals with Exness Exness is one of the few exchanges with the fastest deposit and withdrawal speeds. Especially withdrawals. Exness platform supports Banking deposit and withdrawal methods. It only takes a maximum of 30 minutes for the money to be in your account. Unlike other exchanges, if you want to deposit and withdraw, it will take a period of 3-7 working days to withdraw money to your account. What Types of Accounts Does Exness Trading Platform Have? Exness Standard Account  . … Standard Cent account  . … Exness Raw Spread Account  . … Exness Zero Account  . … Exness Pro Account  . Website and support staff both support Vietnamese language The exness website   is very user-friendly and easy to use. Opening a forex trading account is very simple and supports account approval very quickly 24/7 support team in many languages ​​including Vietnamese Choosing a broker will be based on each investor’s evaluation criteria. Forex Academy recommends trying a few different brokers to have the most accurate comparison and choose for yourself the most satisfactory broker. . To profit from the Forex and Gold markets, register for an Exness account  HERE Instructions for opening an Exness account here  […]

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