Trade like a sniper

Trade like a sniper

Those who succeed in the long term, while “machine gun” traders trade too much, act like soldiers shooting at everything they see, quickly and irreparably consuming their bullets (money). become their target in the market.
A military sniper has an advantage over his enemies, which is patience, mastery of weapons, and the ability to control their mind and body for long periods of time, especially in difficult situations. extremely stressful. And we can apply the same principles to forex trading
Applying sniper tactics to forex trading is similar… you need a trading strategy (weapon), you need to master this strategy, discipline and control yourself seriously , and you must execute your strategy to perfection when faced with the temptation of over-trading and over-leverage. These types of traders always know how to place orders wisely, trade like a Forex “sniper”, and are often successful in the long term, while “machine gun” traders trade too much. much, as soldiers shoot at everything they see, wasting ammo (money) quickly and not accomplishing their goals in the market. Find out how you can learn to become a “sniper” trader instead of a “machine gun” trader.

Accept that “less” is “more” in forex trading

One of the things we traders can learn from a military sniper is this: in certain situations, “less” really means “more”. Forex trading is just that “situation”. However, often beginner traders feel that more is better, more indicators, more orders, more analysis, more money put into useless robots… Consequences of those wrong beliefs What is that? That is almost always overtrading; In fact, most beginner traders are like machine guns, spraying bullets (money) wherever they think they can trade and most likely causing more losses to their accounts than gains. The first step that you need to take if you want to trade more like a sniper and less like a machine gunner is to truly accept that “less” is “more” in forex trading. Snipers patiently wait until their predetermined target comes into view, you need to learn to wait patiently for your predetermined enemy engagement signal to appear on the market. As a trader based on price fluctuations, once we have an effective trading strategy, the market will bring us great opportunities to trade with high precision like a sniper, and The daily chart is the best “battlefield” for us to implement that strategy.

Choose a longer time frame

As I mentioned above, daily charts should be the “battlefield” for you to develop your ability to become a forex sniper. Do you know why? Because the daily chart gives us the “highest value” or highest target probability when compared to any timeframe below it. The weekly chart is also accurate, but it does not give us enough “targets” each month and it is also not as realistic as the daily chart. These targets are price patterns, and you should always keep in mind that higher timeframes will yield higher values, because in reality, the higher the timeframe, the more likely the patterns are to occur. The higher the price is established. This is the main reason why trading on high time frames can significantly increase your success. Think of it this way, a sniper is on a mission to eliminate a large target that could change the course of the war, and in forex trading you should look for patterns. which established with the highest probability can bring the highest profit in its trading history. Machine gun traders who trade on lower time frames not only gain nothing but also make you lose all your ammunition (or money) much faster than you think. It is really unwise to trade any time frame lower than the 1 hour chart because the value and probability of “targets” or patterns will decrease significantly as you move down the time frame lower.


If there is only one thing to say about a military sniper, it is certainly Patience. Patience is like the “magic” ingredient that makes snipers effective, and it is also the “magic” ingredient that you will need to use if you want to become a sniper in forex. Most beginner traders lose money in the markets, and most beginner traders can’t have anything BUT patience. Do you see the correlation here?
There is a tendency that traders always want to “force” the market with trading signals that actually do not exist or jump in following market signals but the price has not yet closed. When it comes to money, human nature is impatient, in other words greedy, but if you do not learn to become a patient trader, you will never be able to control yourself. This makes a successful forex trader and a true forex sniper.

Strategic mastery

A sniper will train for many years so that shooting skills become sharp and perfected, and snipers know exactly what their target looks like and pull the trigger without any hesitation. Likewise, you will need to be “trained” in the particular trading strategy you choose to use in the markets, so you know exactly what you are looking for each time you open a chart. However, you will need to do more than that, you will need to truly master the strategy you choose, because without mastering it, you will never reach your peak ability as a sniper. .
Mastering your strategy starts with learning. You have to put in the time and effort to learn and master it, I cannot do this for you. You need to be realistic about this, it will take time, it takes time to become a master in anything, and forex is no exception.

Develop a forex trading mindset like a sniper

Sniping is like forex trading in terms of confidence and discipline. The more you try to trade like a sniper and less like a “machine gun,” the more your confidence and discipline will improve. This is because, you will be rewarded for your patience, and when you start to see your patience paying dividends over time, you will want to maintain it.
This is the early stage of developing a forex trading mindset where most traders fail, usually because they do not understand the power of patience and discipline. They tend to feel better as a “machine gunner” because you feel powerful and “in control.” The problem with this thinking is that you can never control the market, in fact, the more you try to control the market, the more it will actually control you. The only thing you CAN control is yourself by learning to trade like a sniper, and if you do this, you will greatly increase your chances of success.

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