Questions About Join Us


I have 1 strategies: ” TradeWithSMA ” less risk, quite good profit

I will eliminate unnecessary things, for example, not replying to you on trading days, not responding to private messages, etc. Please feel free to text in Me. I will focus 100% on trading to make profits, that is our final destination.


Please decide to copy with the amount of money you are willing to lose and the risk of losing your account is “NO COMPLAINTS”. IF YOU CAN ACCEPT THE RISK, COPY ; OTHERWISE, PLEASE CHOOSE A DIFFERENT STRATEGY

My Trading Plan

My trading plan has a long-term goal of 6 months to 1 year. I am in no hurry. If you copy me, follow me for that period of time. I trade on compound interest, if the account grows, the volume will increase, if the account decreases, the volume will decrease. The win rate is quite high. Please look at my trading results in previous months to evaluate before starting to copy.

Other Questions About Joining Us:

1. Question: What is the minimum investment amount?

Answer: $100 is the minimum

2. Question: How much is the copy commission?

Answer: Currently 30%

3.Question: I have a little money, can I copy according to the correct percentage?

Answer: If you have a little money or a lot of money, it will grow or decrease according to your account, calculated in “%”.

4. Question: Is it necessary to set Stoploss in Exness Social Trading App when copying TradeWithSMA– Stable?

Answer: No need, my way of playing already includes capital management

5. Question: How long does it take to copy to get the best profit performance?

Answer: The plan for the best performance is from 6 months to 1 year which will give the best profit.

6. Question: How much is the monthly profit?

Answer: I DO NOT GUARANTEE what percentage of monthly profit, I can only say “TRY NOT TO LOSE MONEY”.

7. Question: After copying, what should I do next?

Answer: Just wait until the money is counted, what else can you do? 🙂 .

Please check your trading history and performance in previous months for yourself and then decide to copy.
The most important thing is to accept the risk when copying